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The Studio Unveiled… April 10, 2011

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The Studio: It is a cozy little nook filled with peace, joy and creativity. In December 2010, we began to prepare to renovate the apartment attached to our home and create a space for my photography to blossom. With the hard work of my amazing husband, my pyro-son, Kaleb and our terrific friends (Harold, Andy, Ben, Crystal, Jake, The Ropp Crew, Chief Nix, Nathaniel… just to name a few) the studio became a reality!


“I’m Back!” January 13, 2011

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Life throws curve-balls sometimes.  I realize that if you are a human being, this is not a shock to you.  Since my last post in September 2009, I was swept up in the game of life and almost gave up my photography business.  I have mentioned before that being a mother is and always has been my greatest priority and the reason I became a photographer to begin with.  When my kids struggled as young adults, I was shocked and knocked around a bit.  I have come to understand that the greatest gift I can give my family in this season is to persevere and show them how.  It isn’t always going to be graceful but perseverance rarely is.  So… I’m back.  Business is booming in astounding ways and Bill & I are opening a studio this Spring!  Funny how things turn around…


It’s All About The Belly… September 4, 2009

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Look What Love Has Made

Look What Love Has Made

As I’ve mentioned before, Bill and I are blessed with 5 children.  I carried 4 of them and God delivered our 5th, personally.  Many women HATE being pregnant but I felt better than I’d ever felt in my life; feminine, nurturing and filled with purpose.  My life was becoming something more than it was before.  These are my favorite maternity images from my studio.

All Because Two People Fell In Love...  (and got busy!)

All Because Two People Fell In Love... (and got busy!)

The cool thing about maternity sessions is the celebration of something so miraculous!  Love created life!  Amazing!

"Look At Our Baby!"

"Look At Our Baby!"

 When siblings get to be a part of the maternity session, it all gets out of control!  Perfect!  In this session, Jamie (the mom) was so chilled out and relaxed and we just let the big sister have free reign of the studio.  She wandered in and out of the session as she pleased and cooperated when she wanted to.  Isn’t that the image of real life with a toddler?!

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl


Love... In Bloom

Love... In Bloom


Bliss… August 21, 2009

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Finally Alone...

Finally Alone...

Zach and Amanda’s wedding day was blessed from the beginning!  The weather was clear and beautiful, which is treasure in Juneau.  Amanda was such an amazing bride; calm, cheerful and full of the anticipation of a woman that knows that she is about to do something amazing. 

Sexy On The Beach...

Sexy On The Beach...

 I am absolutely passionate about romance!  Bill and I have been married for 20 years and I continue to fall in love with him every single day.  That may sound trite but I couldn’t be more sincere.  When I photograph a couple in the first hours of their new life together, I am swept-up in the moment and aspire to shoot images that bring the bliss of these moments into full focus.


Tender Moments...

Caught Up In The Moment...
Caught Up In The Moment…

These are the moments that this couple will look back on and draw strength from in the years that come. 

Zach & Amanda
share such a ‘sizzle’ that it’s hard
not to stop it from
dripping onto the images!
I apologize for taking a couple of weeks to get these images released to the public forum.  Working from home to allow my family to be my priority has it’s moments of challenge.  Thanks for the patience and I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of the Kohan wedding.  The website will be released by the 28th of August.  Check my facebook page to see the link to see the site.  I will post it on my profile…  Penny Ann McGoey



Reflecting… August 5, 2009

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Beauty on the beach...

Beauty on the beach...

This week has been a really interesting week for me.  I am an avid scrapbooker and since moving to Alaska one year ago, I haven’t scrapbooked at all. I am one of those crazy people with a current family scrapbook chronicling our family’s life and events for the past 20 years.  So, in getting behind for over a year and a half, it is a big ordeal to order the pictures to get started.  I spent 72 hours pouring over images of the past 18 months and uploading images for printing.  When we left the east coast, I left behind a huge piece of the life I have lived since I was 20 years old…  that being my daughters Kirsty and Crystal.  Crystal got married and moved to Reno at the same time we headed for Alaska.  Kirsty chose to stay and pursue a life of her own.  The pictures you are seeing are ones I took of Kirsty on a day shortly before we moved. 

My beautiful girl

My beautiful girl

 Being a mother of 5 has been a constant, chaotic adventure and my new life in Alaska is missing the constant hum of teenagers and their entourage filling the walls.  In Maryland, it was not unusual to show up at my house and find 6-15 teens drifting throughout the house.  Last month, my Kaley moved away to intern as a photographer in Nebraska, which leaves Kimmy and Kaleb the last two teens in my house.  Now, with 3 of my 5 having left the nest, it is more peaceful (or as peaceful as a life with teens can be).  Peaceful is beautiful but it is very different.

Pondering her future...
Pondering her future…

Pictures are powerful emotion generators.  Looking back over the past 18 months, I have laughed, cried, become still and pensive, and am coming to a new place of understanding who I am and who the adult children God has given me are.  That is another confirmation of the importance of what I do as a photographer.  I share in creating memories in the lives of my clients.  Nothing does that like photographs.



 As I close this week…  I challenge you to look at where you are in life.  Look at the relationships that surround you, the roles God has given you, the challenges you face and the joys that deserve celebrating.  In all of those things, I challenge you to LIVE in them fully!  Don’t hold back one hug or one more ‘I love you’ early in the morning.  Don’t be afraid to overcome the obstacles that want to take you out or waste a single opportunity to laugh…  really laugh!  Reflecting is hard sometimes but it is a reminder of the blessings of our lives and how quickly the seasons pass.  It is a memo from God to live in the moment and to do so without regret.




Brother & Sister July 29, 2009

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Last week I posted from Hawaii. These are the images I shot while there. This is my amazing nephew, Trey, and my precious niece, Paige. They are so beautiful!

Family portraits have long been the bane many parents lives!  Getting everyone perfectly coiffed, every outfit just the right coordination, every hair in place and inevitably…  the stress begins!  The baby pukes on her outfit in the car ride to the session, the toddler refuses to look at the camera, the teen thinks smiling is for geeks, Dad is pissed because he’s missing the game on ESPN and Mom just wants prozak! 


DSC_3144I strive to make the experience one that the family can look back on and smile about.  Perfection is just NOT genuine and so why would we want our pictures to represent something less than what our families really are?!  Silly…  busy…  curious…  fun…  loving…  laughing…  even grumpy, moody and plain irritable sometimes!


DSC_2804So, my favorite family images aren’t necessarily ones where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling.  I prefer to see babies exploring their worlds for the first time, kids ‘experiencing’ everything around them, parents in love with eachother, and families being the united crew that they were intended to be.


My trip was amazing and it was a gift to be a part of this beautiful time.



The Beginning of Forever… July 23, 2009

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Don’t be hatin’… I am updating my blog from Oahu, Hawaii! I’ve been here for nearly a week and head home to Juneau on Thursday. Just in time for Amanda and Zach’s wedding! I have so been enjoying this break and I have had so many opportunities for personal inventory and spiritual refreshing, as well as a nice tan. My little sister lives near Pearl Harbor with her amazing husband, terrific son and precious 6 month old daughter. They will be next week’s blog focus! So check back…


Photographing couples is my absolute favorite thing to do! I love the whole experience of bringing their love stories to life with my camera. Will and Jamey were so much fun and they are custom made for eachother. Their wedding is August 8th in Juneau, Alaska.




Please enjoy the images and I encourage you to consider having a session done with your spouse, if you’re married. I am a firm believer that if more married couples focused on the passion in their love story… there would be more married couples living happily ever after!